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Hi! It's me, The Author Of This Journal. I might abbreviate to TAOTJ, I might not, I might end up referring to myself by my Points of Foci protagonist's name for the heck of it. It depends.

General Things You Need To Know:
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Specific Fanfic Things To Know
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Things About Me
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Fic Status Update


Good news: I'm at over 10K words and writing consistently. Plus I have *actual titles* for the stories now!

Bad news: I'm definitely gonna have to focus on Movie 1 to have any hope of finishing this unless I manage a minor miracle and up my word count to consistent-NaNo levels. Also, Levante has quietly shouldered his way from being just Sirocco's SIC and pseudo-love-interest to being Captain of his own urban team and full-on love interest. And Pyrano demoted to Sirocco's current-SIC and pseudo-love-interest.

(Dear Levante: just because my Creative Writing class thinks that you crushing on/being in love with your commanding officer is awesome and all does NOT mean that you get to kick Pyrano out of the Main Male Character slot. Even if this way makes more sense, because Sirocco being practically pyrophobic works a lot better without being in love with a fire-Foci guy. ... Shut up. She's definitely the more logic-based one, not you.)

Now. Back to typing up the current section, and then moving to a more in-universe-chronologically-proper section.

The Author Of This Journal
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In Which I Vent Regarding Inconsiderately Loud People

Warning for cursing, because this needs cursing to be involved in some form.

For the love of all that is holy, is it that much to ask to keep your laugh quiet? To the point where I don't have to deafen myself to not hear you? I would have been in my room rereading the play for tomorrow, but no, the TV is on at high volume, so I came to the lab hoping for peace and quiet, and you come in, so I start up music. It's going fairly well, and then BAM you laugh and disrupt me doing homework. While you look at FACEBOOK. And, very loudly, make it apparent to the world that you are NOT trying to be productive.

Yes, this is a public space. It is also the computer lab for the whole of the apartments, where people who don't have access to computers otherwise come to do their fragging HOMEWORK, like sane people, and keep their browsing of other sites mostly quiet, aside from the occasional quiet snigger. Also, it is past quiet hours - you know, the thing where you're supposed to keep your voices down because other people are trying to sleep? We need to have those apply in here too.

And when people can hear you through HEADPHONES with SOUND going you are too loud. I've tried drowning you out before, you know. And you know what I had to get the speakers on? 70-80. And there was still leakage, and I didn't want to further deafen myself by going beyond there. Without you present, I can keep it at 10 or so. TEN. That is a difference of 60-70 sound. And that's not to mention the guy sitting in the front row with only his ability to concentrate to drown you out. Abrupt loud laughter? Loud screams? Running out of the lab unexpectedly? Does a huge slagging blow to that.

It is the beginning of week 2. I get that you might not have that much to do right now, because classes haven't picked up yet. But other people do. Other people have 5 classes, with multiple labs, and ridiculous amounts of reading and analysis to do. Lucky for me I only have three, but they're all writing and reading intensive, so it kind of averages out, I suppose.

 If you were just beginning this quarter, it would be one thing. But nope, you started last quarter. At around MIDTERMS. When there are going to be lots of people coming in and out and printing things for class and finishing essay assignments and trying to work. And you've never quite gone away since.

Yes, I do have a laptop. I tried having it with me last quarter, after I called my parents and had a minor breakdown over your inability to be courteous to others. I'm also dealing with being addicted to online gaming, and the sudden unrestricted access to that via my laptop completely killed my grades. I'm sorry to say that I don't trust myself with my own laptop yet, and as such, I have to come in here. And then there's my roommate, whose laptop died freshman year and never quite recovered. She relies on the lab as much as I do. We have a solution for talking to each other without disturbing other people. It's called Facebook Chat. USE YOUR RESOURCES.

Have I tried to talk to them? Yes. I talked to them on at least three separate occasions. They quieted down for that night, with minimal re-introduction of volume. The next time it happened again, so I asked again. And again. It didn't sitck, obviously, or else I wouldn't be ranting on Livejournal right now. And if people have to keep asking you to do something, you might want to just consider doing that something on your own to save them the trouble of asking.


Also, it is common courtesy to leave the room the way you left it. Those chairs were not scattered around haphazardly and half in the walkway to the back, laptop-specific table when you came in. I know because I have been in here longer than you have, and it was not that way.

If you want a private place to talk, there is such a thing as reserving a study room from the library. You're in a group, you'll be better off than I will be coming back through campus in the dark at midnight, campus safety escort services or no.

The only thing that has stopped me from beating the crap out of you with a baseball bat is the fact that I'm not that kind of person. But I'm coming dangerously close to it, with every day you blare your personal lives to the world.

I've written 810 words on you guys above.

For the love of everybody's sanity, please don't make me write more.

The Very Aggravated Author Of This Journal

taking a level or ten in CRAZY

Points of Foci

Points of Foci
Points of Foci is the name of my main original universe. In retrospect it's been evolving in my head as far back as I can remember, in some way, shape, or form. But that doesn't matter for this.

Also, everything below is a work-in-progress, so don't be surprised if things vanish or get added on to. The biggest spoilers will be white text; if you want to know you should be able to just highlight it and see them.

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Universe Specifics
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taking a level or ten in CRAZY

General Status Update, Roommate Rantings, and Fic Rambles

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In summary, things could be going much better on study, apartment, and fic fronts.

The Author Of This Journal.
taking a level or ten in CRAZY


So I haven't really done things here in a long time, I know. Hoping to change that this year.

I've registered two stories for this year's scifibigbang. They both involve original universes; the difference is that one is a crossover with the whole Transformers series and the other is entirely standalone.

So, story idea 1:Collapse )

And as things changed in the midst of me signing up, I've got two ideas for the original universe one.
Story idea 2, variant 1 (tentative title Metamotivation):Collapse )
And story idea 2, variant 2 (tentative title Points of Foci):Collapse )

In the meantime, go check out The Piano Guys. Epic piano and cello skills, plus a lot of things you probably wouldn't have thought possible. Many genres covered. Something in me just goes "squee!" and melts every time I sit and really watch the videos... even after the twentieth time. And hopefully many many more viewings. And I kinda want to learn the cello now (started pre-Cello Wars, XD). Just wondering how I can convert some of these to piano-only...
taking a level or ten in CRAZY

Fanfic Information

Fic status updates found here. Checking monthly should let you know what I've added. Date of addition will be noted where possible.

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Simplified summaries of all my fanfics can be found here: http://kaitou-pandora.livejournal.com/28309.html. That list may not be up-to-date, though, so if a month or so has passed and a fic isn't on there comment on the post to let me know and I'll fix it.

A permanent multifandom fic-writing meme can now be found here: http://kaitou-pandora.livejournal.com/30119.html. If you request something there, do keep in mind that the length of the finished product and the time before the finished product appears will vary. More information can be found by clicking the link.
Another fic-writing meme can be found here: http://kaitou-pandora.livejournal.com/8842.html. See the post for more info.

Orbis, Humus, Res are the Latin words for World, Earth, and Object, respectively, a reference to the planned World, Earth, and Cybertron trilogies of my 1984 AU; chapters found above.
insanity starting now

So... NaNo starts in 2 days. INSANITY TO ENSUE.

Starting Nano again this year, hoping to actually finish it. One and ONLY one story, entirely original fiction. These ideas are kind of descended from Requiem: Nascent of previous NaNo attempts.

Plot keywords?

Romance. Elemental powers. Magic. Soul-bound. Angst of epic proportions. Attempted murder. Ninjas. Guardians. Double lives. Love triangles around main character and love interest - or would that be love hexagon if they're connected? - Discussion of what to do in a zombie apocalypse if I need word padding.

People will appear in increasingly ridiculous ways, probably mostly concerning their deaths. One roommate has already requested that if she dies, it be epic and badass.

The ". . . i is insane" tag exists for several reasons. This is one of them.