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100_prompts: Elemental Style Prompt Table

Table for 100_prompts found below the cut. 'Verse summary to be added is now here.

As of May 2, 2010, only exists as concepts. When each fic is completed, it will be posted here and the appropriate link will be created in the table below. I'll add another post with the proper chronological order for the fics once the order becomes more obvious, due to my writing fics out-of-order.
As of September 17, 2010, the 'verse summary has been added, with general plot and disclaimer.

Universe summary
Keeping the non-magical world ignorant of the fears of the magical one. Typical enough, right?
But what about when the punishment for revealing the presence of the magical world is death on sight? Even when defending yourself, even when the only witness is a five-year-old child, even when the non-magical person is close to you and would not (except under extreme torture) reveal the truth, even when the person in question is unconscious?
Six magical teenagers, each training for mastery of a different Element, blend easily enough into the non-magical world. It's their home until they finish training, after all.
It's a bit harder to blend into the non-magical world when you've just finished blasting a magical fire-creature to death with witnesses that happen to be your (subordinate's) friends.
So it is that a routine post-training meeting after training turns into a fight to stay alive.
This is the story of the six Elemental-focused-in-training, their past/present/future, their friends/allies, their not-friends/enemies, their strangers/acquaintances. This is the story of how they were pulled together, how they almost didn't meet, how their legacy perpetuated itself. This is the story of how humans discovered the ability to manipulate the elements, the controversy behind the sixth element, how the exploration moved from Elementals to magic, how the decision to separate the Elemental and Normal worlds was met. This is the story behind the eventual reconciliation of the Elemental and Normal worlds.
But most importantly, this is the story of how almost anything can be accomplished with the right mindset.

DISCLAIMER: All characters are mine. The concept behind this universe is mine. The characters and part of the plot appeared in a script that I completed for an online screenwriting class, so if that shows up as plagiarizing look here (I finished the script in the summer of 2010, using the same characters) and know that it is the same person, initials AY. Last part added due to Turnitin.com.
001.Mellow 002.Eternal 003.Subtle 004.Cheat 005.Transparent
006.Believeable 007.Repeat 008.Addicted 009.Write 010.Soulful
011.Broken 012.Stop Time 013.Alcohol 014.Pauses 015.Affront
016.Run 017.Experience 018.Fatality 019.Helping Hand 020.Breeze
021.Get Up 022.Villain 023.Worst Day 024.Bewitching 025.Jubilant
026.Languid 027.Obsessive 028.Recoil 029.Vehement 030.Collide
031.On My Mind 032.Mirror 033.Kneel 034.Locked 035.Punch
036.Tight 037.Urban 038.Health 039.Older 040.Vital
041.Dawn 042.Lust 043.Memorial 044.Pretend 045.Zeal
046.Disaster 047.Blush 048.Nimble 049.Remain 050.Snore
051.Done 052.Justice 053.Weapon 054.Tide 055.Accent
056.Indirect 057.Haze 058.Puzzle 059.Try Again 060.Reap
061.Settle 062.Treat 063.Notice 064.Least 065.Exception
066.Rule 067.Correct 068.Harm 069.Strive 070.Temperamental
071.Divided 072.Victory 073.Delivery 074.Ballad 075.All I Ask
076.Fire 077.Lies 078.Stormy 079.Terrible 080.Decay
081.Dramatic 082.Panic 083.With You 084.Killing 085.Jump
086.Waste 087.Passion 088.Flying 089.Drought 090.Sword
091.Skill 092.Dust 093.Enchant 094.Shadows 095.Powerless
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

Always post fic under an LJ-cut.


Word Count:
Authors Notes/Disclaimer:

And for the subject, use this format:
Fandom / Who the claim is for / Table + prompt
EXAMPLE: X-Men (Movieverse) / Ava Lynd / 50-A #9. Heartbeat
EXAMPLE: Brutality (Original) / Nerys Llanfair / 50-B #38. Elusive
Always remember to add your tag (specific to you!) for each entry.
G All ages admitted
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13
R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or legal guardian.
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted
Tags: 'verse: elemental style, fic: original story, prompt table
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